A family approach to family law

Family law is the area of law focused on relationships: between former spouses, between domestic partners, between co-parents, between family members, between parents and children.  Divorce, disputes about custody or visitation, claims to child support, splitting of property in a breakup, and other situations strain these relationships and require legal solutions.  Most of our clients have rarely, if ever, sought the help of an attorney or participated in a court case.  It can be a daunting world without someone experienced to guide you.

When I opened Sherman Law Office, LLC, I did so with the goal of providing the kind of guidance and advocacy I would want a member of my family to receive.  Along with my wife, Nikelle, who has worked with me as a paralegal and a life partner since 2013, we aim to provide a family approach to family law disputes.  To give you experienced advice and representation with the understanding that, more than just a party to a court case, you are a person untangling a relationship.  A good family law attorney has a solid understanding of the law and an open mind problem-solving.  I strive to provide you with both.