Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce is stressful.  It combines the emotional stress of the end of a relationship with the often-complicated issues of separating your financial affairs.  We are here to help reduce your stress.  As specialists in solving family law problems, we can offer practical guidance and support so that you make the best decisions.  We are available to assist you with all aspects of a divorce or legal separation: child custody, child support, visitation, property division, spousal support, QDROs, and other services.

Litigate or Settle?

In our family approach to family law problems, we appreciate that you are an individual, and your case is unique.  Our solution to your problems, while guided by years of experience handling divorce cases, recognizes that there is not one answer in every divorce.  We are with you whether we settle your case through negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution, or a trial. 

We recognize that, while we understand the law and how divorce is practiced, you are the one who knows your marriage and your goals.  Our role is to guide you through achieving those goals.  Our approach also recognizes that minimizing conflict and stress is key to allowing you to focus on your family. 

Most divorces are resolved by working out an agreement.  Sometimes that is not possible.  Sometimes it is necessary to handle some issues in a courtroom while resolving others outside of one.  You should not be afraid to take your case to the court if necessary.  You also should not be afraid to honestly approach a resolution that works for everyone involved.  Know that with us, you have experienced counsel able to handle whatever route best serves your needs.

One of the first questions I get from a lot of my divorce clients is whether they should file for divorce, or to work on settlement.  My advice is usually “both.”  The filing of a court case does not mean that you have tossed negotiation out the window and are now committed to a fight over every issue.  Divorce cases frequently start with the filing of a complaint in court, and end with a judge approving a settlement between both parties. 

Uncontested divorce, called a “dissolution,” is also an option under Alaska law.  In an uncontested divorce you settle all issues before filing the case.  It is a simplified process that works well when you can work with your former spouse to come to an agreement.  I am here to make sure you understand your legal rights in that situation, and make sure your dissolution accomplishes what you intend it to.

If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss how Sherman Law Office, LLC can assist you in your divorce or legal separation, please contact me at Sherman Law Office, LLC, (907) 290-8700, or send me a secure message to set up an appointment.