Modification and Enforcement

In life, change is inevitable. If changes in your circumstances have made your existing parenting plan or child support order unworkable, it is time to consider a modification. A motion to modify an existing custody, visitation, or support order may be filed any time before the child in question turns eighteen.  I have brought years of experience helping clients in these sorts of situations to Sherman Law Office, LLC.

In Alaska, more than in many other states, parents experience the types of changes in circumstance that would make a modification of custody, visitation, or child support appropriate.  People’s jobs change, particularly ones where people work seasonal or irregular hours.  People move out of the state.  Many Alaska residents are in the military and are required to move on a regular basis.  These and many other situations can make a modification of child custody, support, or visitation necessary.

I am experienced with these and many other life changes that Alaskans go through. I have assisted numerous clients in reaching agreement with their children’s other parent about parenting plan modifications that will work best for their family, and then getting the court to approve the agreement. As in other areas of our family law practice, I believe in reaching agreement and reducing conflict whenever possible in pursuing a parenting plan modification.

If it’s not possible to reach a negotiated agreement about parenting plan modification for our clients, I also have extensive litigation experience.  Sometimes reaching the right result involves a little of both.  Whatever works for your situation, I have the experience to get you over the finish line.

If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss how Sherman Law Office, LLC can assist you in your child custody modification case, please contact me at Sherman Law Office, LLC, (907) 290-8700, or send me a secure message to set up an appointment.