Child Support

Child support is a necessary part of any child custody arrangement.  Alaska law recognizes that a child is entitled to support from both of their parents.  If you are divorced, separated, or living apart from the individual with whom you have a child, you need a child custody order.  I have many times encountered situations where parents wait years to establish a child support order, and are astonished to find that they now owe, or are owed, thousands of dollars in past-due child support.  For both the parent who would be paying child support and the parent who would be receiving it, it is critical to establish a child support amount early on.  Sherman Law Office, LLC is here to help.

Alaska Civil Rule 90.3 governs child support orders and sets out the formula the court will use to decide child support.  The child support amount is based on the income of one or both parents.  The law is designed to be straightforward.  Applying it to your situation can be anything but.  Sometimes one or both parents have income from irregular sources.  Other times, one parent is less than forthcoming about their income.   It pays to have experienced legal assistance in establishing child support.

I have years of experience working with child support orders at all levels: working with orders established by Child Support Services Division (CSSD), establishing or modifying child support in the Alaska Superior Court, as well as taking appeals of child support decisions up to the Alaska Supreme Court.  I work with both mothers and fathers in all sorts of situations in child support matters, helping to make sure their children are taken care of and that their own resources are not depleted in the process. 

If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss how Sherman Law Office, LLC can assist you in your child support matter, please contact me at Sherman Law Office, LLC, (907) 290-8700, or send me a secure message to set up an appointment.