When you do go to court and you (or the other party to your case) are not satisfied with the result, your recourse is to file an appeal.  I have handled numerous appeals to the Alaska Supreme Court since I began practicing here in 2013.  My experience in legal research and writing, as well as working with experienced attorneys at my prior law firm, allow me to advocate for you beyond your lower court decision.  While my focus has primarily been on family law appeals, I am available for all kinds of appeals. 

I have handled numerous appeals in the past.  Some recent decisions in cases where I have assisted or been solely responsible are:

  • Raymond V. v. Danté E., 2020 WL 4497062 (Alaska 2020) (memorandum opinion).  Represented mother of one child in maintaining stable child custody arrangement.
  • Burns v. Burns, 466 P.3d 352 (Alaska 2020).  Represented mother in challenge to trial court’s decision on grounds that trial court made erroneous factual findings and denied testimony of key witness.
  • Burns-Marshall v. Krogman, 433 P.3d 1121 (Alaska 2018). Represented father in due-process challenge to lower court’s decision to restrict his custody and visitation with his child.
  • Fredrickson v. Button, 426 P.3d 1047 (Alaska 2018). Represented mother in overturning, in part, trial court’s decision in assessing large child support debt against her.
  • Geldermann v. Geldermann, 428 P.3d 477 (Alaska 2018). Represented mother challenging lower court’s custody and child support decision.
  • Laura B. v. Wade B., 424 P.3d 315 (Alaska 2018). Represented mother challenging lower court’s decision to reduce her custodial time with her daughter without holding a hearing.
  • Moore v. McGillis, 408 P.3d 1196 (Alaska 2018). Represented a mother challenging lower court’s decision on custody modification and child support issues.
  • Swaney v. Granger, 2017 WL 655746 (Alaska Feb. 15, 2017) (Swaney II) (Memorandum Opinion). Represented father challenging the lower court’s calculation of child support.
  • Kristen L. v. Benjamin W., 2014 WL 2716842 (Alaska, Jun. 11, 2014) (Memorandum Opinion). Represented father in affirming child custody determination.

If you are interested in appealing your decision, please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The Alaska Supreme Court has strict deadlines for when an appeal must be filed. 

John Sherman serves clients throughout Alaska, from Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley to remote villages. If you want to handle your appeal, contact Sherman Law Office, LLC here or at (907) 290-8700 to discuss whether using unbundled legal services is right for you.